OCW Relaunch – Don’t miss it!

Hey there OCW faithful!

When we last saw each other, it was nearly a year ago! My how time flies!

Since that great event at the Royal Canadian Legion 631, there’s been a lot that’s happened.

First, Harley Davison has been healing up. He didn’t appear at the event last January because he was still injured. He’s since recovered somewhat, not enough to fight just yet, but he’s definitely feeling better.

Second, OCW has opened up different ways for you, the faithful, to keep track of what’s going on. In between shows, we’ll be filling you in on bit of the story as they happen, here on this page. We also added an Instagram account so people can look back on the great events and post their own pictures as it happens!

Third, we’re going to be doing more events in 2016. So you definitely don’t want to miss those!

So keep your eyes open on our Facebook page and Twitter accounts for more information about how and when to see us!

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